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12th October

WITH all your efforts in the practice of faith, you will accumulate an infinite amount of good fortune. Due to the fortune stored in your life, you will definitely be able to overcome even the greatest obstacles.

IF you can open the kingdom of the spirit inside yourself, you are a king wherever you may be. You will be able to savour the delicious nectar of life, profound and inexhaustible.

FULFILMENT does not come from doing things because someone tells us to. True fulfilment lies in creating a goal for ourselves, and then daring to challenge difficulties in seeing it through to completion. We must continue to make tenacious efforts. In the course of this process, we will experience a great blossoming in our ability and character.

THE eternal life of the universe exists within each of us. The Gohonzon resides within each of us. Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism is a philosophy of utmost respect for human beings and for life. Nichiren Daishonin embodied the essence of his own life in the form of the Gohonzon to make it possible for us to summon forth the Gohonzon that exists within our lives.

NICHIREN DAISHONIN wished for happiness and peace for all people of the ten thousand years and more of the Latter Day. He envisioned the widespread propagation of the Mystic Law throughout the entire world. This Buddhism transcends the narrow confines of a single sect or school and is open to all humanity; it is a human religion, a universal religion.

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11th October

IF you maintain your faith in the Gohonzon until the last moment of your life, you will be able to escape the darkness of sorrow and enjoy the highest possible condition even in the phase of death.

DESIRES know no limits, and as long as people remain committed to their own interests first, there is no way that the desires of all can be completely fulfilled. Of course it is right and appropriate to work for changes that improve our environment and our situation. But more important than that is to bravely guard the place you are now, your own personal fortress. You must carry your duties in your present position thoroughly and thereby create your very own future.

BUDDHISM stresses the importance of the present and the future. Its focus is from the present towards to the future, from today onwards. There is no need to dwell on the past. We should simply continue advancing ahead with our sights on the future. As long as we live with such in invigorated, youthful spirit, the sun will always continue shining brightly.

IT is important to want to sit before the Gohonzon as though going to meet the original Buddha, Nichiren Daishonin, and that the daimoku and gongyo to be enjoyable. Bearing both these points in mind, what's most important is that you continue in your Buddhist practice throughout life. There's no need to be overly concerned with formality.

AS youth, it is important that you devote yourself earnestly and sincerely to kosen-rufu, whether others are watching your efforts or not. Please cast aside airs and pretension. Putting on airs is pathetic playacting. With pretence, you cannot help others. You cannot even make yourself happy. Nichiren Daishonin wrote, “Rely on the Law and not on persons.” (WND, p872) The important thing is that we devote our lives to the Mystic Law.

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10th October

THERE are members and friends who are suffering. We need to reach out to them with words of support and encouragement. It is important to respond immediately to the issues before us. Remaining silent is foolish, lacking in compassion, and leads to defeat.

IT is our human revolution – changing from someone who is buffeted about by the environment, to someone who can positively influence their surroundings – that enables us to construct an unshakeable palace within.

IT is in times of adversity that one’s spirit must blaze. It is in times of adversity that one must fight with courage. This is the way of the lion. Even if they are many in number, cowardly people who are quick to start complaining cannot do anything. When one is faced with the most difficult of circumstances, one can make the cause to realize the greatest victory.

PEOPLE who live a life devoted to friendship deserve our admiration. It is the sign of their sincerity and the mark of a lofty character. There is no one more despicable than one who forgets his friends as time passes and things change, and lose his integrity. In our world, the bonds between members are cemented by faith. I am convinced that there is no more elevated friendship, nor one stronger or more beautiful.

IN the world of the Mystic Law, no one is without a mission. Give capable persons the appropriate responsibility, so as to enable them to give their best. Never forget that we can see good in others when we give them a chance to show their ability.

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9th October

“ONE’S voice does the Buddha’s work.” (Gosho Zenshu, p708) Our voice can served as a jeweled sword for cutting down evil and corruption, or it can express warm, heartfelt encouragement. The voice that does the Buddha’s work is not merely your physical voice, either; it is also the words we write in proclaiming and defending the truth.

NO matter what happens, the important thing is to continue chanting. If you do so, you will definitely become happy. Even if things are not solved in the ways you had initially hoped or imagined, when you look back later, you will understand on a much more profound level that it was the best possible result. This in itself is tremendous inconspicuous benefit.

BUDDHISM is the excellent medicine that heals the wounds of human karma and suffering. There are no deadlocks in faith. We encounter problems and hardship so that we may grow and mature. We experience grief and sadness so that we may savour greater happiness. In the realm of Buddhism, even that which already seems to have improved will continue to become even harder. When we think we have reached the highest limit, we go higher still. This is the Mystic Law.

WHETHER or not anyone knows it or sees it, I am determined to watch over you for my entire life – no, for all eternity. I want to spend my whole life protecting you and fighting for you. This is my commitment, this is my pledge.

CONTACTING and reporting are the nerves of the organization because rapid and accurate communication, with which we can protect our members, will bring about our victory.

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8th October

WHAT matters most is whether or not, at the end of your life, you can enjoy a peaceful and unbounded condition which enables you to say with confidence that you have left nothing undone and have not a single regret, that you have won in life and are filled with the deepest possible satisfaction – the proof of attaining Buddhahood in this lifetime.

THERE is no one as happy as one who has engraved a link with his teacher in his heart. There is no way of life more praiseworthy than fulfilling your vows to your teacher. This is my own true and incontrovertible conviction as one who has embraced Mr Toda as his teacher in life.

THOSE who work hard and undergo many painful struggles grow and develop. They triumph in the end. Only through hardship are brilliant “gems” forged. Young people have the energy to give their all. When we give our all to the issues before us, we can forge character and build a firm and unshakeable life.

EACH of you is infinitely precious. Therefore, please treat yourself with utmost respect. Please do not follow a path that will cause you suffering but take the road that is best for your well-being. Only a person whose spirit has been tempered and enlightened through long and varied struggles in the course of his daily life can be said to possess real youthfulness and inner fortitude.

THE truly great do not seek greatness for themselves; they seek to enable others to realise greatness. It is the responsibility of seniors to protect and work for the welfare of their juniors, and to foster them into people even more capable than themselves.

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7th October

THE Gohonzon is endowed with the limitless and absolute powers of the Buddha and the Law, but we receive them according to our powers of faith and practice. Thus, pure strong faith is essential.

THOUGH you may not be blessed with material wealth in your youth, you should not be the least bit ashamed. On the contrary, this should be a source of pride. The true misfortune would be too richly blessed and lose any ambition to succeed, becoming a spiritless young man with an old man's heart.

IT is vital to strive towards the goals we have set ourselves, whether anyone praises us or knows about our efforts or not. Buddhism teaches the principle of "invisible observance". In other words, when we live in this way, the Buddhas and bodhisattvas throughout the universe "observe" all our actions and work to protect us.

ONLY by polishing yourself through repeated difficulties can you build a self that sparkles as brightly as a gem. Once you have developed such a system of life, nothing will faze you.

IT is not up to others; it all comes down to us. Our inner resolve and our actions have an influence more powerful than a book of a million words. Through taking action, we will also feel a sense of purpose and savour joy and good fortune.

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6th October

NICHIREN DAISHONIN said: “The realm of the environment also arises from this single law of life.” (Gosho Zenshu, p 563) As the principle of “three thousand realms in a single life moment” (ichinen sanzen) teaches, the power to transform society lies in the fundamental attitude or inner resolve of human beings.

OUR gongyo and daimoku should not be too fast nor too slow. It should also not be too loud or too soft, and it should have a good, vigourous rhythm. The speed of gongyo also often depends on such things as a person’s age or the time and place. So do not worry too much about speed. Just do gongyo in the way that seems most natural and comfortable to you. One of my seniors said we should do gongyo with the rhythm of a galloping horse.

DAILY life and living are themselves a battle. Do you win or do you lose? The outcome is not always determined by how much experience or ability you may have. What is most important is to decide that you will win, and then pray sincerely with all your might, bringing forth great wisdom and making every effort to accomplish your goal.

IT is vital that you find your own path, your own mission and your own ideals to which to dedicate your entire being. This is what it means to be young and to live without a single cause for regret. I cannot emphasise strongly enough just how important it is to live your youth to the fullest, since it only comes but once.

IN any endeavour, pioneers are subject to criticism. They will prove the value of their efforts as they withstand such criticism. Therefore, you should not become the kind of people who can be defeated by small obstacles or difficulties. You should never be so foolish as to backslide in your faith, complain or begin to criticise our movement when you meet a severe problem.

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5th October

YOUNG people should not be too easy on themselves because that is the path to ruin. Cast aside your dependency! There is no way but to stand up in faith through your own efforts. With your sincere and persistent prayers, please touch the lives of all around you – friends and opponents alike – and create a grand alliance of the people and a powerful new ground swell for kosen-rufu.

IN Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism, it is said that no prayer goes unanswered. But this is very different from having every wish instantly gratified, as if by magic. If you chant to win the lottery tomorrow, or to score 100 percent on a test without having studied, the odds are very small that it will happen. Nonetheless, viewed from a deeper, longer-term perspective, all your prayers will have served to propel you in the direction of happiness.

WITHOUT training, there is no growth. Nichiren Daishonin stated: “Iron, when heated in flames and pounded, becomes a fine sword. Wise men and saints are tested by abuse.” (MW1, p 38) It is because of ordeals and discipline that one can carry out one’s human revolution. The present is an age lacking in discipline. For precisely this reason, one must voluntarily receive training and forge oneself through and through. Those who do so will in the end be victorious.

IN any struggle, victory depends on being able to display unique creativity and to open up new fields of activity; in essence, it depends on the demonstration of genuine wisdom. Mere knowledge can provide neither fresh perspective nor an inexhaustible source of initiative.

WHAT makes a man truly human is, I believe, his ability to act not only for his own sake but for the sake of his neighbours, society and the entire human race.

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4th October

A Buddha is one who dauntlessly takes action for the people’s happiness, who resolutely strives for the welfare of humanity, while enduring a storm of obstacles and persecution. Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism fosters such individuals.

BECAUSE we are common mortals, we may suffer from many pains and troubles. However, no matter what your situation may be, you were born into this world in accordance with your vows. So, please be aware of your own mission and accomplish it no matter what.

AT the most profound level, our daily practice of performing gongyo and chanting daimoku morning and evening is a ceremony which brings forth fresh life force, as our lives fuse with the Mystic Law. It is also the great road that will lead you to your highest path. From the perspective of Buddhism, you will find life functions dynamically, without cessation for even an instant.

THE mind wavers. Therefore, as long as you base yourself on your own mind, as long as you allow your mind to be your master, your life will be one of confusion and uncertainty. If you based on unwavering mastery of your mind, then you will never be at a loss for what to do. Herein lies the greatness of the path of mentor and disciple based on the Mystic Law.

A famous saying by the Russian writer Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910) is: “Suffering is the necessary condition for spiritual and physical growth.” Experiencing various trials and problems leads to personal growth and to the polishing of our character. In particular, all of our challenges and exertions in working to realise kosen-rufu make our lives sparkle like gemstones. This is the principle of Buddhism.

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3rd October

WE have a tendency to want to know even a little of what the future holds. But, being common mortals, we only know what is immediately before us. However, the vision of the Buddha perfectly penetrates the three existences. There is no way that the prayer of a person of strong faith will not be answered.

FAITH in Buddhism is not an abstract concept separate from day-to-day reality. Our faith directly affects every aspect of our daily lives, from our beliefs about ourselves, our relationships with friends and family, to our contributions in society. Through faith, we gain the courage to take action and become experts at living. Those who show care and compassion to others, strive to excel at work and contribute to their communities show themselves to be people of genuine faith. Without such action, our faith becomes a mere formality.

YOU reveal your true potential when you wage an earnest struggle. It is “ichinen to fight,” or “the state of life to continue struggling” that makes you shine. Under any circumstances, you must have the courage to advance with composure along your chosen path and to splendidly construct your castle.

IN a certain sense, here is no simpler Buddhist practice than doing gongyo and chanting daimoku. We do not have to undertake strange austerities as in some esoteric Buddhist traditions. With machinery, too, the more sophisticated the technology, the greater the ease of operation and use. Similarly, the very superiority of Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism enables us to reach the life state of Buddhahood through the very simplest form of practice.

FOUNDING President Makiguchi once said: “We are trying to faithfully carry out Nichiren Daishonin’s decree, so what could possibly be holding you back? Buddhism is not an intellectual game. Its purpose is to liberate the land and the people from suffering. To stand by with folded arms and fail to do so when the time arises is to betray the Buddha’s intent.”

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