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20th April

IN the realm of faith, we are all equal. The strict law of cause and effect is undiscriminating.

IT is also important that we live cheerfully. With a strong spirit of optimism, we need to be able to continually direct our minds in a bright, positive and beneficial direction, and help those around us to do so too. We should strive to develop a state of life where we can feel a sense of joy, no matter what happens.

WHEN you are earnest in your desire to raise and educate others, you too will grow. The person who leaves no stone unturned in the search for talented individuals, who earnestly prays for them, connects them to senior members, and thus educated them is truly an asset to the organisation.

WHETHER or not we feel complete satisfaction in fulfilling our own mission depends solely on how we put the finishing touches on it during the last years of our lives. No matter how favourable and smooth an existence you may have led, should you fail to bring it to a complete fulfilment, your past efforts will have been in vain. I hope that you will triumph in overcoming the hindrances of karma and live powerfully throughout your life for the sake of your eternal victory.

THOSE who carry out their faith sincerely and protect this Buddhism with the most serious determination will without doubt be protected by the Buddhist gods and will be able to lead a life in which "all desires are fulfilled".

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19th April

HONEST and continuing dialogue with a single person is important. In these efforts, requiring perseverance and courage, there lies the brilliant possibility of kosen-rufu's unlimited expansion.

FROM the standpoint of our practice, an attitude of wishing to live long so that one may work that much more for the sake of others could be considered a vivid expression of faith.

IT all comes down to you. Not others. You must build a solid foundation within your own life. And as you grapple to overcome various problems and sufferings along the ways, you must strive to accomplish all that you have set out to achieve. This suffering is the flesh and bones of a leader. It will become the treasure of your life.

NOTHING is wasted in faith. One never loses out. Please be confident that all your efforts to help others and to promote Buddhism are accumulating immense treasures of good fortune in your life. This is what is meant by inconspicuous benefit.

ADVANCE preparation is very important. Whether you are heading out for a discussion meeting or to introduce Buddhism to others, or whether you are going to work, it is the person who prepares in advance who succeeds. The most important and fundamental preparation is gongyo and daimoku. Chanting to the Gohonzon with a strong determination to succeed is the best preparation of all.

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18th April

NICHIREN DAISHONIN repeatedly taught that benefit flows forth when we strive against evil for the sake of kosen-rufu; when we do not, it does not. And he urged us to follow his example. The SGI is an “organisation of kosen-rufu" acting in complete accord with the Daishonin's teachings. It is an organisation of supreme human unity.

TO the extent that in the present we take action, in our next lives and the next, and the ones after that, we will be reborn as great leaders of society, as great scientists, great writers, people of wealth, great scholars, as anonymous champions of the people. Assuming all kinds of appearances, we will lead people to enlightenment based on the Mystic Law.

WHEN faced with 10 trials, you must call forth the strength to conquer 20. When faced with 100 obstacles, you must summon the power to overcome 200. That is faith; that is the Soka Gakkai spirit.

WHETHER one can understand the time and take valuable action accordingly depends on the depth of a person's awareness of his/her mission, the greatness of his/her state of life, and the profundity of his/her wisdom.

BUCKLE down to your present task, giving it your all. Through such efforts, you will be able to develop fresh confidence and open up new prospects for the future.

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17th April

TO exert oneself in the organisation is the best training. The sense of responsibility this entails cultivates one's humanity, and raises his capability to higher level.

IF you realise the significance of the present time, joy and firm determination will well forth in your life, and you will experience a profound sense of gratitude. Your faith will become solid and your mind settles on advancing together with the organisation on the direct path to kosen-rufu. Practising faith based on a perception of the significance of time is the key to developing a state of life crowned by the four virtues of eternity, happiness, true self and joy.

PEOPLE of first-class calibre possess both understanding capabilities and character. They have integrity. Therefore, you must confront and challenge every situation not with some flimsy ruse but with the full force of your character. You must live with honesty and integrity and produce solid results. You must set your sights on a great objective and fight to achieve it with your whole being and spirit.

HUMAN relationship problems are opportunities for you to grow and mature. Such problems can be character building if you do not let them defeat you. That is why it is important not to isolate yourself. No one can exist apart from others. Remaining aloof from others cultivates only selfishness, and that that accomplishes nothing.

BUDDHISM teaches the importance of the present and the future. The purpose of Buddhism and faith is for us to always be able to advance from today towards tomorrow filled with hope, taking positive steps for the future. We must never forget this crucial point.

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16th April

THE foundation of health is strong faith, which enables us to draw forth strong life force, triumph over harmful, negative forces and transform our karma. Nichiren Daishonin famously declared, "Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is like the roar of a lion. What sickness can therefore be an obstacle?" (WND, p412)

IN all things, patience is the key to victory. Those who cannot endure cannot hope to win. Ultimate triumph belongs to those who can forebear.

THE way of mentor and disciple means an absolute commitment. A person who is all words and no action can never understand this fact. It is a solemn and exacting relationship. It is a matter of one's mind. The extent to which you can tap the infinite power of the Mystic Law is also determined by your mind, or attitude, in faith.

ALL things have their appointed time - cherry trees flower in the spring, and leaves turn crimson-red in the autumn. For better or worse, no one can escape the rhythm of time. What we can do is to perceive the nature of the present time.

IT is no easy feat for a seed which has been planted in one life to blossom into huge flower of happiness and bear the fruit of Buddhahood. To nurture our seed of Buddhahood, we must do daily gongyo and chant daimoku, receive correct guidance and encouragement, and study the gosho.

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15th April

BUDDHISM is reason, and even though you may embrace faith in the Gohonzon, you cannot progress without making effort. Rather, because you practise this faith you should redouble your effort.

WITH regards to the method of spreading the Buddhist teaching, I can see that teaching and transmitting Buddhist ideas to a wide audience through the media may indeed be one method, but to really engage each person’s heart and mind I am convinced that one-to-one dialogue is the only method. And in fact, the propagation efforts of our movement have been based on the method of personal, one-to-one contact, which has resulted in the spread of the teachings across the globe.

ONLY when you make positive efforts to develop and cultivate yourself is the true practice of the Law possible. What matters most are people. What matters is doing your human revolution. Only when you constantly struggle to achieve your own human revolution can you become a leader for a religion dedicated to the welfare of humanity.

A stone wall that seems infinitely high when seen from the ground appears no more than a slightly raised boundary line when viewed from an airplane. Similarly, if your life-condition changes for the better, so will the way you view and respond to things. You will find yourself surmounting every adversity and hardship with composure, and thoroughly enjoying the drama of life.

DIALOGUE must be conducted in a spirit of equality, with the parties involved respecting each other as equals. It must be a mutual exchange where the parties speak the truth and actual fact, and not just spout one-sided propaganda. In any event, such truly genuine dialogue is to be found in our efforts to talk to others about Buddhism and share with them our practice.

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14th April

HOPE and courage do not lie somewhere far out of reach, nor are they bestowed on us from without. Anyone who align themselves with the Mystic Law can tap from within their lives an indomitable state of being as vast as the universe and make it shines forth with sun-like brilliance wherever they may be. Here we find a philosophy of the highest humanism for which the world has been yearning and waiting.

IT is not a matter of leading a timid and weak existence, seeking to avoid obstacles and difficulties. Rather, we should have the spirit, "Come what may, I will survive!" "I will climb another mountain! And the more I climb, the more I can enjoy my life, and the more people I can help become happy." Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism is the teaching for leading the ultimate "active life".

FAITH encompasses everything - responsibility, compassion, wisdom, good fortune, life force and personality. Advancing in faith, in step with the times and always striving to make greater efforts, is the true practice of the Buddhism of the True Cause.

IT may be perfectly natural for ordinary men and women to pray for many practical benefits in daily lives. Nevertheless, we must profoundly note the Daishonin's wish that the core of our faith should always be the desire to be a Buddha. Born as ordinary human beings, the Daishonin is showing us the true goal as human beings.

BY correctly embracing the Gohonzon throughout our lives, we can manifest Buddhahood, the supreme condition of life, in lifetime after lifetime. In order to receive such benefit, to embrace the Gohonzon is the single precept that we must observe. This is termed in Buddhism the precept of the diamond chalice, a precept which, like a diamond, is impossible to break.

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13th April

WHEN doing home visitation, one should behave with good sense. Even with close friends, courteous behaviour is the first step to gaining understanding and trust.

WE must not try to make the merits and good fortune that we accumulate through our daimoku our own possession and keep them to ourselves. The unlimited merits of the Mystic Law transcend the narrow bounds of the self and spread out to encompass others and the entire universe. It is important to use them in a way that benefits society.

HUMANITY cannot be manifested by merely flattering others or trying to gain popularity; rather it is determined by how much you have prayed for your juniors and how hard you have exerted yourself for their welfare. That earnestness emanates from you - and it is this which impresses and moves others. For profound faith is the essence of a person's humanity.

EVERYONE without exception seeks happiness and peace. One person may pursue "treasures of the storehouse", while another pursues "treasures of the body" such as status and wealth. But true happiness lies in accumulating "treasures of the heart". And the substance of the treasures of the heart is a great state of life totally dedicated to faith.

THE times are changing ever more rapidly with each passing year. Darkness and confusion grow ever deeper. For that very reason, I hope you will all triumph with strong faith and resolute action. In accord with the Buddhist principle of "consistency from beginning to end", your victory will determine the victory for all future generations. This is the formula for winning in Buddhism. Now is the time for you to solidly secure the cause the victory in your own lives.

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12th April

WE can have all the power, wealth or fame in the world, but that alone would not assure us of happiness that will endure throughout eternity or allow us to create universal value. It may not be even enough to secure our happiness in this lifetime. Our true worth is determined by the philosophy and principles we cherish and by our views and attitudes towards life, society and human existence.

BUDDHISM is a search for eternal happiness. Please calmly survey the ever changing, evanescent world from the lofty perspective of faith and remain true to your beliefs and convictions. We must follow our chosen path. Let’s continue to make our way on the great road to eternal happiness and eternal development.

YOUR position in the organisation is not what is important. What is important is your growth as an individual. The SGI is an organisation that bases itself on humanistic principles. We cannot lead others by orders or commands. The only way to lead them is by examples of our humanity.

HAVING faith does not mean that you can rest easy and spend your entire life proceeding along the Great Way to Buddhahood. If your faith is faith in name alone, it has no true merits. Worse yet, in most cases you will face that most important event, your own death, in great suffering. Such faith is of no use at all. Once you have been blessed with an encounter with the True Law, you should devote the rest of your life, without regrets, to seeking the Way. That is our duty as those who have accepted the True Law; it is our life.

WHETHER we are defeated by our environment or whether we possess the strength necessary to clear a path through whatever difficulties our environment may present, is an important ingredient in achieving happiness.

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11th April

THE real greatness of human beings lies not in being active on the gorgeous stages. A person who lives his/her life to fulfil his/her own mission, whether in a remote region or in some inconspicuous field of society, is the most valuable person.

IN every field, there is shallow and profound. It is the same in life. Do you live for yourself alone, or for a greater purpose and value? It is easy to live thinking only of yourself. But to live for a greater ideal requires steadfast commitment and courage. The question is whether you have that determination and courage or not. In that is revealed your true worth as a person.

JUST being good-natured is not enough. In the final analysis, if you are good-natured but fail to combat injustice, you cannot protect the people. Instead, you will tend to be taken lightly, enabling those who perpetrate injustice to only grow stronger.

IF we do not read books, our brains and minds go uncultivated. Visual images alone are too transitory, too shallow, to cultivate our mental powers. On the other hand, if we do read books but only mindless ones, we will become mindless people. Making an effort to read good books is very important.

COWARDICE is also the fundamental nature of all those who have betrayed the SGI over the years. There is no more pitiful characteristic for a human being to possess than cowardice.

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