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30th December

AS long as we remain preoccupied with our own troubles, as long as we allow ourselves to blindly follow the impulsive dictates of our mind, our sufferings will continue. What we must do is to become the masters of our mind, not let it be our master, and consciously redirect our mind and its thoughts in a positive and pleasant direction and help others around us do the same.

THERE is both sadness and sufferings in life. There are mountains, rivers and valleys. Yet, the deeper the river of sadness and the greater the mountain of suffering, the deeper the joy and the greater the happiness we experience when we have made our way across. Moreover, the Mystic Law enables us to change any misfortune into something positive. It is a wondrous teaching that transforms poison into medicine. Herein lies its greatness.

THE lives of those who strive in accord with the Mystic Law, who struggle on behalf of the Mystic Law, and who are devoted to the Mystic Law even in death, merge with the life of Nichiren Daishonin and the world of Buddhahood pervading the universe. Such people experience joy in both life and death. And their journey over the three existences of past, present and future is free of fear and sorrow.

THE mere fact that someone is practising faith is no guarantee that the person's life will be free from hardship or personal tragedy. However, the important thing is that, regardless of what may happen, one must not be shaken in faith. The Mystic Law is the Law that enables us to realise the oneness of life and death, and that earthly desires are enlightenment. One who practises faith exactly as the original Buddha taught can turn everything into a source of benefit and joy.

THERE is no difference whatsoever between the benefit of actions for kosen-rufu undertaken on a worldwide scale, and the benefit of converting a few individuals or encouraging one's fellow members in a single group.

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