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13th January

TO have true faith means to advance resolutely towards the goal of kosen-rufu, no matter what may happen, without doubting the Mystic Law in the least.

JUST as there is no storm that lasts forever, there are no difficulties that will continue indefinitely. What is important is that we always maintain our faith in the Gohonzon and firmly persevere in the way of faith, practice and study. So long as we have faith, we can use any difficulty as an opportunity to transform our karma.

"FAITH alone is what really matters," the Daishonin stated. He did not say that ritual is what matters. It is one's spirit that is of essence. With time, subtle differences in people's mind of faith reveal themselves in great differences in their lives with respect to both their actual circumstances and their state of life.

OUR daily activities may not be glamourous or always exciting, but through each effort we make, we are building a "palace of the people" that will stand eternally. And we are constructing the "palace of life" within our own being - a palace that we will adorn with the most precious treasures of the heart.

OUR lives are eternal throughout past, present and future. Therefore, no matter where we are reborn, we will enjoy the most wonderful state of life we could wish for. We will lead lives of deep fulfilment and continue working to propagate the Mystic Law far and wide.

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