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1st April

ONE is not a leader merely because he/she gives orders to many people. A great leader means somebody who works hard behind the scenes and puts others in the limelight.

IN this age of globalisation, neither individuals nor nations can survive in isolation. In as much as we are a part of this world, we will incur obligations to countless other people and nations. Obligation is the manifestation of the spirituality that naturally sustains and lubricates the workings of humanity and society; we may call it the essence of humanity.

YOUR inner state of life is what determines your happiness, not status or wealth. When you cultivate a vast, all-encompassing state of life, you will experience abundant joy. Nichiren Daishonin stated, "Faith alone is what really matters." Your mind of faith is what determines your happiness throughout the three existences of life.

WITHOUT courage, we cannot be compassionate. Courage and compassion are inseparable, like the two sides of a coin. And faith is the well-spring from which courage springs.

PLEASE treat everyone you have a connection with, including your own parents, with utmost respect. I hope you will work to broaden our network of friendship and trust with open and generous hearts. The more you do so, the greater the benefit you will receive, the further kosen-rufu will advance and the more expansive your own state of life will become.

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