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21st April

WE train our lives on the most fundamental level through conducting morning and evening gongyo, and by devoting ourselves to the practice of Buddhism for ourselves and for others. It is by steadily training ourselves in this fashion that we will be able to achieve great victory in our "war of independence", that is kosen-rufu.

I hope that all of you will continue struggling to fulfil your mission so that you can adorn your life with victory for the sake of the Law. I fervently wish that, always maintaining a youthful spirit, you will lead a fulfilled and noble existence, completely free of any cause for regrets. Herein lies the essence of faith and the spirit of SGI.

BUDDHISM means being victorious; it is a struggle. Life, too, is a struggle. Therefore, only by persevering and winning can we attain true happiness.

HEALTH is a daily effort, a combination of strong prayer and careful, practical action. Please live out your lives to the fullest. Doing so is a great challenge. Live long lives. No matter what happens, live vigourously right to the end, so that you can look back over your life and say, "What a wonderful life I had!" That is the true meaning of a healthy life.

EVERYTHING in life is part of our training; it is for our own benefit and development. We must resolve to accumulate, right now, in the situation we find ourselves at this moment, everlasting good fortune for ourselves as well as for our families and relatives. The human revolution of a single individual can transform everything in a direction leading towards happiness, hope and peace. Please advance joyfully and in high spirits.

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