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13th August

NOTHING can stop time. Within the context of infinite change, our faith enables us to grasp each situation correctly and to cope with it in the most productive manner. Faith is the driving force to take us in the direction of absolute happiness.

PLEASE steadily advance along the fundamental path of “faith manifests itself in daily life”, living in the way that best suits you. Just as the sun rises everyday, if you persistently advance based on the Mystic Law, the absolute Law of the universe, you will be able to lead a life in which all desires are fulfilled, one that you cannot now even conceive of.

INNER reality is reflected in appearance and behaviour. Your behaviour reveals your heart. There is something that emanates from you and communicates itself to others. Your inner being is expressed in the way you speak, the expression of your eyes, your manners and behaviour. A person of true character radiates an unfading brilliance – an invigorating humanity, an unswerving conviction, a resolute will, and a bold determination.

IN today’s sterile urban society, it is all too easy for the individual to become swallowed up in the crowd and lose sight of his or her own identity. But in the realm of SGI, each and every person is valued and seen as someone who has a precious and unique mission to fulfill.

BUDDHISM teaches the principle of three thousand realms in a single moment of life. Through intense prayer we can significantly transform our destiny, as well as the destiny of our families and society. It is vital to pray with resolute conviction. Prayer stimulates wisdom and fills us with life force.

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