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30th September

IN the final analysis, individual human revolution is most vital in faith. The important point is that the members’ rich humanity, their attitude towards living, and the condition of their families should be respectworthy enough to convince others of the greatness of their faith and thereby cause true Buddhism to spread naturally.

WITHOUT religious convictions, you cannot have convictions about life. Without a firm faith, a profound view of life is impossible. The choice of religious faith is the most fundamental choice in our lives.

THOSE who have a firm grasp of the reason and purpose for which they are engaged in a particular undertaking are strong. If this basic point is firmly established, then your life will be free of confusion. No matter how painful the circumstances, you will not lose heart but will be able to keep growing strong and upright.

EVERY single day is of vital importance. Each second is decisive. Only when we strive to the limit of our ability to open the way ahead, seizing each moment and using it invaluably, will we ensure that a brilliant future awaits us.

EACH day, let us cheerfully meet with and encourage our fellow members, who are working so hard for kosen-rufu. Let us foster capable successors who will carry on our struggle. And let us vigourously enact a drama of continuous expansion.

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