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8th September

IT is human beings who cause the horror of war; it is the insidious, destructive tendency inherent in human life. Therefore, unless there is a fundamental transformation within the lives of human beings themselves, we will never rid ourselves of war. To achieve that, we must foster global citizens. We must extend the network of global citizens who possess both a positive philosophy and true capability and who are dedicated to joining hands with all people on this planet and advancing with them.

NUCLEAR weapons, which threaten the most basic of human rights, the rights to life, are a manifestation of the insidious authoritarian impulse to dominate and destroy others that resides in human hearts. The human revolution is the struggle to call forth within human beings the life of the Buddha, the power of the spirit that can vanquish this evil propensity.

ONE’S heart or mind is most important. Those who have an honest and pure heart can change everything into great benefits. On the other hand, those who have a weak and base heart only destroy themselves. Everything is determined by one’s heart. That is why, in the realm of Buddhism, even the most trivial things bear significance.

AMONG other things, to exert yourself and use your voice for the sake of kosen-rufu and for the sake of the Law is the way to realize supreme happiness in life. That is because such actions are most perfectly in sync with the rhythm of the universe. And, needless to say, the foundation is chanting daimoku. Daimoku is the supreme and most respect worthy vocal expression. It is the limitless fountain-head of wonderful health, happiness and victory.

I would like you to be diligent in the practice of gongyo and daimoku so that you will lead a life of ultimate satisfaction. The Gohonzon embodies the highest of all laws. No path in life is more significant than one based on chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo to the Gohonzon.

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