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25th January

FOR what purpose should we cultivate wisdom? For what purpose is our faith? The answer is to win - to win in life, in society and as human beings; it is to win without fail so that we may secure happiness and create peace. People who have this are strong. People who have forgotten their purpose are weak.

NO one has only faults or only merits. We all have a mixture of both. Therefore, you should strive to develop and polish your positive attributes. As you do so, your shortcomings will fade until they are no longer apparent.

IT is indeed the case that "not to advance is to regress". Those who advance are filled with hope. Such people manifest courage. They live positive lives and know true fulfilment. Again, such people are able to produce meaningful results. It is for these reasons that they are happy.

BUDDHISM concerns itself primarily with victory or defeat. We must never allow ourselves to be defeated by obstructions on the road to kosen-rufu. Progress is made possible only by facing the tough reality of hardships and displaying proof of victory as Buddhists both in our personal lives and in society.

IN anything you do, you must have an objective or goal. No matter how seriously you may strive to achieve it, if you deviate from that course or give up your effort halfway before you achieve the goal, you will never make the exuberant feeling of accomplishment.

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