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14th March

OUR Soka organisation, which exists to promote kosen-rufu and to polish our faith, can be compared to a bridge which connects our lives with the lifeblood of faith, helping us attain enlightenment and absolute happiness. One who leaves the organisation and thinks that it is fine to practise alone at his/her own convenience, tends to develop a self-righteous attitude in faith, which is distorted by personal views and biases.

A person who cannot compliment others is lonely and has a narrow heart. Such a person cannot embrace others. On the other hand, when people praise one another, beautiful exchange becomes possible.

DIFFICULTIES only make the strong stronger. Sufferings may be poison to the weak, but they are medicine for the strong.

NO matter what one changes, the world will never be any better as long as people themselves - the guiding force and impetus behind all endeavours - remain selfish and lacking in compassion. In that respect, human revolution is the most fundamental of all revolutions, and at the same time, the most necessary revolution for humankind.

TRAINING that develops our humanity is very important. A person who is never challenged or tested is weak when a crucial moment comes. No matter how smart we are, we cannot take decisive leadership or kosen-rufu if we are weak as human beings. Those who have undergone thorough training in faith in their youth are strong.

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