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25th April

HEARTFELT words of encouragement help people grow. One's compassion, stemming from strong faith and sense for kosen-rufu reverberates in the hearts of others.

THERE are many honours and decorations in the world. Correct faith, however, is the decoration of life that will adorn your existence throughout eternity.

DEVELOPING a state of life where you have the capacity to understand and appreciate the feelings of your parents and family, instead of getting into arguments with them, to feel a sense of gratitude for all that your parents have done for you, and to be able to genuinely treasure and care for them - this is proof of one's faith.

THE greater the struggle, the more enriching the experience is for one's life. That said, however, if you immediately set out to climb a high peak without any preparation, the challenge could be beyond you. You may be forced to abandon your ascent, lose your way or suffer from altitude sickness! It might be better to first attempt a goal more suited to your level.

AS we strive to realise the widespread propagation of the Mystic Law, the three powerful enemies and the three obstacles and four devils will invariably arise, vying with one another to hinder our progress. Battling these negative forces constitutes the great path to attaining Buddhahood. Through exerting ourselves bravely to surmount various obstacles, we can forge outstanding character. Without such challenges, we would be armchair Buddhists; our faith would be nothing but an empty formality.

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