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3rd April

SOMEONE with good fortune will climb the ladder of success in life just as a kite filled with wind vigourously rises into the sky. However, once one’s good fortune becomes exhausted, one will begin to tumble down the slope of misfortune. Correct faith is the driving force that enables you to accumulate unlimited fortune and benefit.

BY making efforts now, out of a sense of responsibility to accomplish kosen-rufu, to win the understanding of others and advance towards victory, refined wisdom will well forth in your life. I hope that, by developing the power and cogency of expression that enable you to touch the heart of many friends, you will create waves of fresh wisdom in society and amid the realities of your daily life.

BUDDHISM expounds that this world in which we live is a place where we must endure various sufferings. It is therefore vital to persevere tenaciously despite the many problems we are sure to encounter in the course of our life, continuing to carry out gongyo and chant daimoku with persistence no matter what. What a wonderful thing it is to possess such faith! Faith has nothing to do with formality or ritual; it depends on one’s heart, one's mind. It depends on one's conviction.

WE are all Bodhisattvas of the Earth. As such, the Buddha and bodhisattvas throughout the 10 directions and the three existence of past, present and future - all the protective functions of the universe - will support us and keep us from harm cheering us on and applauding our efforts. Let us continue to advance boldly together down this eternal path of glory.

THERE may be people who appear to have higher social status or seem to be happier than you, but the person who believes in and propagates the Mystic Law is already the happiest person in the world and a great leader. Why? Because the Mystic Law is the path to absolute happiness. It is a teaching that awakens us to the truth that all living beings are Buddhas. Nothing surpasses the Mystic Law - this is the truth conveyed in Nichiren Daishonin's writings.

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