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17th May

YOU cannot build a foundation without effort and hard work, and without a solid foundation, you cannot become a person of genuine substance. Cunning people who shun hard work and seek to make it big overnight invariably come to a fall in the end.

WHEN a person who is seriously ill recovers, that is a great human revolution. When a mean person becomes kind to others, that is human revolution. When people who treat their parents badly begin to love them, that is human revolution. Human revolution cannot be pinned down to one specific thing. It is any action that leads to positive change or improvement in the inner realm of a person’s life.

IT is important to have the self-confidence to confront whatever problem or test you face without fear, and the spirited-determination to win a great victory in your local region. This is the source of indomitable strength to press forward, ever forward.

A true religion does not confine people to the darkness of ignorance and blind obedience. On the contrary, it awakens people intellectually and nourishes them. In the end, a true religion produces people of wisdom. Intellect is an extension of faith, and faith is an extension of intellect. With both faith and intellect working harmoniously, one can achieve unlimited self-development as a human being, fully developing one’s character.

A profound connection between the Gohonzon and oneself is the basic posture of faith. All we have to do is perceive everything from this standpoint. However, if one is shaken on this single point, then everything will appear to him in a distorted way.

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