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12th June

THOSE who have experienced great sufferings must win in life and become happy. If you are always losing and miserable, then you are not practicing Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism correctly. You are not following the true path. Buddhism teaches the means by which the sad can become happy and the happy become happier still. That is the reason for our practice. And isn’t becoming happy one of life’s most important goals?

NICHIREN DAISHONIN replied to Shinjo Kingo: “To accept is easy; to continue is difficulty. But Buddhahood lies in continuing faith. Those who uphold this sutra should be prepared to meet difficulties.” (WND, p471) It is through confronting difficulties that we attain Buddhahood and achieve a state of life of peace and tranquility. The mountains and valleys and storms along the way are something we should be prepared for and ready to overcome.

WHEN you purify your life with daimoku, you will definitely develop an utterly indestructible state of life of absolute happiness that abounds with great good fortune. In such a state of life, everything will become a source of joy. You will feel a deep sense of fulfillment even if you have neither worldly fame nor wealth. Each moment of your life will be totally satisfying.

YOU have to become wise and stand firm. Then, if there appears a person of distorted views, you will be able to deftly perceive his essential nature and to prevent the world of the True Law from being polluted by false or evil views.

TODAY, rather than leading a seemingly pleasurable life of self-indulgence, you should toil, bathe in sweat, along the road of Buddhist practice, so that tomorrow you can lead a life filled with confidence.

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