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25th June

EVERYTHING you do for the sake of faith ultimately comes back to you in the form of happiness. Therefore, I hope that for your own sake, you will continue to walk the great path of faith with courage and hope.

FORMALITIES are important in certain cases, but mere formality that lacks substance is an evil. Formalities, in and of themselves, have no life; where as substance is alive. Formality is provisional and substance essential. Formality is conventional and therefore conservative but substance provides the impetus for progress and development.

LIVING is moving forward, making progress on all fronts. If you give up your efforts to move forward, it means you are retreating on life itself. And since faith is the driving force of our lives, retreating in faith is the cause of all unhappiness. That is why you must, with your fellow members and with the organization devoted to kosen-rufu, encourage each other and achieve victory in faith and in life.

THE important thing is not just sympathizing with or pitying others, but really understanding what they are going through. Empathy is crucial. Sometimes just having someone who really understands can give us the strength to go on.

NOT advancing is regressing. Let us advance and strive day after day, so that we have no regrets. Let us make each day one of brave and vigourous advancement, of dynamic progress. Let us accomplish a towering victory for kosen-rufu in the 21st century, causing our movement to shine even more brilliantly with new light and new capable people.

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