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14th July

ONCE an airplane takes off, it must continue flying, no matter what bad weather or turbulence it encounters, until it lands safely. The same principle applies to our faith. We must continue our faith and practice with unchanging enthusiasm and dedication until we arrive at our final goal of enlightenment.

WE are now advancing in a new century, a century of life, in which all people will enjoy the benefits of equality, happiness and freedom to the fullest. The fundamental “common sense” of Buddhism and of life itself forms the basis for our activities towards this goal.

OUR faith is for our own sake. So are our actions. When we work for the Law, for our friends, and for society, we are reading the sutra with our lives, and everything we do is transformed into our own great benefit.

NICHIREN DAISHONIN said, “The Law does not spread by itself; because people propagate it, both the people and the Law are respect worthy.” (Gosho Zenshu, p856) In every respect, accomplishing kosen-rufu depends on capable people. We have to find, raise and nurture together, fresh talent. Those who can succeed in this endeavour are themselves people of outstanding ability.

IN any field of human endeavour, human beings cannot improve or develop without some kind of training. This applies the more so to our Buddhist practice, which constitutes training for becoming a Buddha. We can regard even the most rigourous training with pleasure if we know that it is attaining an indestructible, diamond-like state of life. All of our prayers and actions for kosen-rufu become the nourishment for our happiness across the three existences as well as the foundation for our external glory.

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