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30th July

HOW important it is to help our children inherit faith! When children embrace faith we can be assured of having prayers offered to us after we have died. Moreover, when children and parents practise correct faith together, they can be born together in lifetime after lifetime, and together enjoy an unsurpassed state of being. This is what Nichiren Daishonin taught.

IN life, having a master is a source of happiness and great joy. The deep relationship between master and disciple is no readily understandable to others. Although unnoticed, when you pursue and proudly carry on in the way of master and disciple which you have chosen, beauty and nobleness will radiate from the depths of your life.

LIFE will be enjoyable. And death will be peaceful, a glorious journey to the next enjoyable life. When winter arrives, the trees and other plants temporarily lose their leaves. But those plants possess the life to send forth new green shoots when spring comes. Human death is like that, but we potentially possess a life force that leads us to a new life – to a new mission – immediately and without pain.

IT is only to the extent that people pray and exert themselves for others that they can create golden histories in their own lives. This is the law of cause and effect. Once you understand this, you will realize that complaining is meaningless. You will also refuse to be affected by what others who make no effort might say.

THE purpose of faith is to realize a state of eternal happiness. This existence is as fleeting as a dream. We practice faith in order to awaken from this dream and firmly establish a state of eternal happiness in the depths of our lives during this lifetime. That is what it means to “attain Buddhahood in this lifetime”.

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