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17th August

EARTHLY desires (bonno) are the eternal destiny of human beings. But for one with strong faith in Mystic Law, they will become enlightenment (bodai) and the treasure of a happy state of life. With faith, everything can serve to help strengthen and polish our character and expand our happiness.

ONLY if you challenge your human revolution in a manner that is true to yourself will the people around you naturally begin to trust and respect you. That in itself is the greatest way of laying the groundwork for the spread of True Buddhism.

WITHOUT practice, there is no Buddhism. In order for a person to become top-notch in anything, he or she must undergo training and practice. This is the key to achieving victory. To continue striving vigourously in one’s Buddhist practice, no matter what, is itself proof of victory in life.

AS long as one is holed up in egoism, there is no happiness. It is when we break out and take action for others that our lives spring with vitality. We become happy ourselves and we help others to do the same. This is analogous to the two motions of a planet which rotates on its axis while revolving around the sun. It is a universal principle.

WE possess the eternal prime point of faith. Those who persist in faith throughout their lives will never be deadlocked at the most fundamental level. For there are no deadlocks in the Mystic Law and faith is the source of infinite hope. It is the vacillating, doubting human heart that creates deadlocks.

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