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20th August

ULTIMATELY, it all comes down to you confidently sharing your conviction and experience in faith with your friends. This plants the seeds of happiness and hope in the lives of those you talk with. These seeds will definitely take root, bud and eventually flower. Until that happens, it is enough that you continue chanting and wait for that time to come.

DAIMOKU is the key. Daimoku is the mother bird that warms and hatches the egg of potential that is you yourself. The inside of a bird’s egg is liquid. Just looking at it, you would never guess that it could ever become a bird. But when the egg is warmed by the mother bird, slowly from this liquid a beak forms, then eyes, then wings, until eventually a fine bird emerges that can soar high into the sky.

WE should never place unreasonable demands on our fellow members. To overstrain oneself and to have strong faith are two different things. Unless we are in good health, we cannot fully and unstintingly devote ourselves to activities for kosen-rufu. We should advance with wisdom and common sense, and show actual proof of good health and longevity.

OUR organization for kosen-rufu exists so that each member can attain absolute happiness. Let us make it perfectly clear that the objective of this organization is your happiness.

YOU were born into this world alone and you will die alone. This cycle will continue eternally. You must continually strengthen yourself by chanting daimoku, the most wondrous medicine, whose efficacy is unlimited.

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