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10th September

THE Gohonzon is the pure, incomparable entity of Buddhahood. Therefore, the purer one’s ichinen of faith, the more quickly and profoundly the Gohonzon will respond to one’s prayers. Remember that herein lies the ultimate principle of faith and the correct practice of the Daishonin’s Buddhism.

BUDDHISM encompasses everything in human existence and all phenomena in the universe. Seen with the eye of Buddhism, everything you learn is useful – and for my keen awareness of this, I am endlessly grateful to my master Josei Toda.

ALL of you are now advancing along the path leading towards absolute happiness. It is vital never to stray from this path as a result of being swayed by immediate relative advantages or disadvantages, or by petty emotionalism. If you should veer from this path, you yourself will lose out. And this will affect not only you personally, but all your ancestors and descendants to the seventh generation as well.

EVERYONE deserves the right to learn. Learning is a beautiful thing; it is light. Through learning, each of us creates a brilliant legacy of our youth, our studies and our efforts that stays with us and enriches us forever.

ALL life possesses the Ten Worlds. Our lives, therefore, are endowed with the world of Buddhahood. This life-state of Buddhahood is not something that we create; it is something that we manifest from within us. And the Gohonzon is the means by which we are able to do this. In addition, the lives of those who embrace the Mystic Law and dedicate themselves to kosen-rufu represent supreme good – ultimate good.

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