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18th September

ON the surface, one may appear to be suffering from the effects of heavy karma. However, when we view things from the standpoint of strong faith and the eternal perspective of past, present and future, one will realize that he is presently receiving the effects of his past karma in a much lightened form, in accord with the principle of “lessening one’s karmic retribution” (tenju kyoju). One who embraces the law of Myoho, and joyfully promotes activities for kosen-rufu, will absolutely never be unhappy.

IN our Buddhist practice, the activities that we carry out for ourselves simultaneously contribute to the prosperity of society; and actions that we take for the sake of kosen-rufu in them result in the betterment of our own lives. This is the merit of faith.

THE important thing is faith. It is to chant daimoku and take action with the ichinen, or determination, to raise capable people and help tens, hundreds, even thousands of others become happy and enable them to receive benefit – not just oneself. If one exerts such power of faith and power of practice, then the great power of the Buddha and of the Law cannot fail to manifest in one’s life.

YOU cannot hope to write a magnificent personal history if you content yourself with a life of ease and comfort. What is life for, after all? You have a voice, you have ears, you have a mouth, and you have a brain. You can only reveal your potential as a human being when you put all of your capacities to the fullest and best possible use.

PRESIDENT TODA declared: “It is not good to lead a life bound by the chain of suffering. Daimoku and the practice to propagate the Law constitute the sharp sword that can cut through those chains. The mission and spirit of the organization is to enable all our fellow citizens to attain a state of life unfettered by the chains of suffering.”

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