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16th October

YOU cannot judge a person's character simply on the basis of his/her position or appearance. Rather there are often many talented people among those who labour silently in the background.

FOR better or for worse, a person’s entire life reaches its culmination at the time of death. Will those last moments of our final accounting be adorned with a victory of song of life shining as glorious as the sun? Or will it be an end as full of suffering as if you were fleeing into terrifying darkness, pursued by wild beasts that you cannot escape? We cannot fool death. Once you know of the inexorable law of cause and effect, you cannot help but realize how important strong and truthful words are when it comes to matters of faith.

THE doctrine of a single moment of life containing three thousand realms (ichinen sanzen) explains the wondrous workings of one’s mind, or determination. The power of the mind is limitless. It is faith that enables us to tap this power. Faith, therefore, is eternal hope; it is boundless aspiration.

AT any rate, if you truly want to transform your state of life, then you have to put every ounce of strength you have got into it. There is no way you can transform your state of life if your practice is half-hearted. Painful though it may be, it is only by struggling to thoroughly polish and temper your life that you can attain a state of life of great joy.

LET us also resolutely encourage, train, and wholeheartedly foster the Youth Division and Future Division members, who are our successors. Let us together pledge to solidly construct new strongholds of capable people dedicated to kosen-rufu in each region, always maintaining a spirit of mutual respect and advancing together in harmonious unity.

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