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10th November

A struggle is not won by theory or calculation. The factors that determine the outcome are energy, perseverance, capable people, and single-minded action.

AS our faith matures, we can see ourselves clearly, including our faults and shortcomings. As we try to conquer those failings, we learn humility. As we change, we also come to recognise the strengths and virtues of others. The true practice of Buddhism is to deepen our state of life, striving always to reflect on ourselves and to develop and grow.

IT is ideal to live without regrets. Social positions are for more the most part man-made institutions; by making the appropriate effort, one attains the corresponding status. However, the status of life, throughout this existence and eternity, is determined solely by faith in the Mystic Law.

THE test of a leader is whether he can recognise reasonable behaviour and honestly admit when he is wrong. A realm in which reason is not recognised as the truth is an unfortunate realm indeed. It will not survive long. Eventually people will abandon it, and it will perish. This has been proven again and again in history.

IF we are sincere, people will understand our intentions and our positive qualities will radiate. Those who act with discretion and speak with a sincere concern for and interest in others will leave a deep and lasting positive impression on people and steadily gain trust and confidence of many.

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