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18th December

THE wonderful thing about Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism is that through daimoku, the four sufferings of birth, old age, sickness and death can be transformed into four castle walls or ramparts that fortify the palace of your life. Though it might be difficult to appreciate at first, the "mud" of our suffering provides the building material from which we can erect a solid bulwark for our palace of happiness within. The deeper the mire of suffering, the more indomitable a palace we establish.

IT is important that the place where you work is a place for forging your character and growing as a human being - and, by extension, therefore, it is a place for your Buddhist practice, place for practising and deepening your faith. When you view things from this angle, all your complaints will disappear.

WE will advance; we will walk the path exactly as Nichiren Daishonin teaches. Because we are right, we are not afraid nor will we be deterred. There is not the slightest need for us to be. Everything shall become apparent with the passage of time. The original Buddha is our greatest ally. It is inconceivable that we shall not win.

YOUTH is a battle with worries and problems. The purpose of faith is to overcome these. Only those who have overcome their own suffering will achieve great success as human beings and become winners in society.

THE mission of a leader is to put everyone’s mind at ease. Towards that end, it is very important to offer words and take actions that abound with compassion. This is in contrast to the authoritarian attitude of a person who tries to manipulate people as if they were machines, assuming that they will do everything as he says. The SGI is a world of thorough-going humanism.

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