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3rd December

NO matter what may happen, pray to the Gohonzon and chant daimoku resolutely, and everything will surely be resolved. In any event, along with your prayer to the Gohonzon, your powerful determination or ichinen will become your fundamental guiding force in all life's battles.

TRUE seeking spirit does not discriminate on the basis of the status of the person in whom wisdom is sought. For it is the Law that is important, not the status of the person expounding it. This is the fundamental spirit of Buddhism.

BY pressing forward without respite and taking courageous action, we can cultivate the supreme state of Buddhahood in our lives, and achieve happiness. Happiness lies in the pursuit of a noble and worthy cause. We will never feel deep fulfilment or be able to secure true happiness if we live in idleness or act from the force of habit without making a sincere effort.

THOSE who fail to exert themselves at the crucial time cannot attain Buddhahood. Discarding vanity and concern for appearances, let us cause the "gears" of our hearts to mesh and resolutely advance along the great path of supreme faith.

HAPPINESS is not determined by outward appearance, beauty, wealth or possessions. It is determined by your ability to change your karma and by the amount of good fortune you have accumulated in your life.

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