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2nd January

TRUE victory is that you experience at the last moment of your life. No matter how victorious you may be in the course of your life, unless it leads to final triumph, it will have little meaning.

ACTIVITY undertaken for the sake of the Law, as well as for the people and society, is a tremendous source of life-revitalising energy. If, however, you feel it troublesome to act for the sake of others or withdraw yourself into a shell of egoism and negative individualism, ceasing to take action for the sake of others, both your mind and body will stagnate. Then, the devil of sickness will find it easier to take advantage of you.

NO matter what sins or offences one may have committed, through the power of the Mystic Law one can transform these into a driving force for becoming happy. The determination to strive willingly for the sake of kosen-rufu enables us to open the state of Buddhahood in our lives.

ONE'S attitude can totally transform one's situation. The thing is to decide to spend each day happily and productively - wherever you happen to be. A wise person can create value under any circumstances.

IT is important to win all endeavours. Winning is a joy. It is a source of benefit and happiness. A person who is easily defeated does not have the strength or capacity to make others happy. Please strive to become the kind of person who will strive and win amid the harsh realities of society, while always upholding and championing justice and making efforts to develop your character. Please become a strong person, a capable person.

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