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4th January

SOME people think that just because they are practising Buddhism their business will prosper and they will succeed. This kind of short-circuited thinking shows a lazy attitude in faith. We should never forget that our faith will only bear fruit if we continue to work and study harder than other people to develop mastery of our work and a full understanding of life.

A person with conviction is strong. That individual is beset neither by confusion nor by lack of purpose. In whatever circumstances, such person never despairs, but always directs his/her life towards the positive. One of the benefits of Buddhist faith is that it enables one to realise and to embody a positive and constructive way of life.

FAITH is not an obligation. It is our privilege - something that we practise in order to become happy. People will receive benefits only to the extent that they make determinations and take action.

LIFE'S true exhilaration lies in how we live each moment, how hard we strive and challenge ourselves in the present, in our journey for ultimate victory. Life is interesting precisely because we have to battle our way through all kinds of ups and downs. We are enacting the drama of kosen-rufu on an infinitely grand stage.

FAME does not equal happiness, nor does it equal ability. Those who talk the supreme path of happiness known as faith are great artists of life. Compared to this distinction, fame and popularity are mere illusions; they are as fleeting as the images on a TV screen, which disappear when you turn off the set. There is absolutely no reason for you to let your happiness be governed by popularity and fame. Ordinary people are an example of those who have no fame but are the most noble of all.

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