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26th September

WHATEVER our individual circumstances, the important thing is how much we can develop and deepen our life condition. No matter what situation we may be in now, the great reward of faith lies in our ability to maintain a state of life which is overflowing with joy.

WE are not bound by the burden of sufferings of our past negative causes. The present is always a new departure. From the instance you decide to uphold the Mystic Law, you begin to ascend the road of eternal happiness from the present on into the future, through the great transformation effected by the concentrated mind. To keep from slipping off that path, you must devote yourself to the practice for yourself and for others. And proper guidance is also indispensable.

ALL you need is courage. The Daishonin said, “A coward cannot have any of his prayers answered.” (MW1, p246) Your prayers will not be fulfilled if you are a coward. Victory and glory are both born from courage.

STUDY is a torch that illuminates the path of faith. Even the subtle and complex onslaughts of negative forces become clear when illuminated in the bright light of Buddhism. Study builds a solid framework of our faith and spurs our human revolution.

NO matter how many fine words we may string together, they alone cannot produce unity or lead to victory. Unity comes from hearts joined together. The spirit of “many in body, one in mind” forms the basis for true unity.

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