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25th September

A small tree cannot stand up alone against a severe blizzard. Nor can a tree with weak or shallow roots face a violent storm. However, the great tree of inconspicuous benefit will never collapse or be toppled. Therefore, the roots of our faith must be strong and deep.

THE greater your being, the greater is the persecution inflicted on you. But in response to that greater persecution, a great person demonstrates greater wisdom and strength and opens up a vibrant new path. He converts the wind of persecution into a current to carry him aloft into a higher realm.

BUDDHISM teaches that “The voice does the Buddha’s work”. (Gosho Zenshu, p708) We must speak out. Our efforts to repeatedly speak with clarity, conviction and joy for the sake of kosen-rufu become the magnificent work of the Buddha.

NO one’s personality is flawless. Everyone, without exception, has some karma that renders them less than perfect. It is inevitable that there will be aspects of your personality that you do not like. But it is foolish to become obsessed by such things and succumb to feelings of self-hatred and unworthiness and consequently hinder your own growth.

HARD work is a priceless treasure for young people. Instead of putting on a performance to try to win popularity, please strive with all your might to protect your fellow members, and open the way for the triumph of kosen-rufu. Only through such genuine hard work will you earn the trust and confidence of the members of the Women and Men Divisions.

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