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7th October

THE Gohonzon is endowed with the limitless and absolute powers of the Buddha and the Law, but we receive them according to our powers of faith and practice. Thus, pure strong faith is essential.

THOUGH you may not be blessed with material wealth in your youth, you should not be the least bit ashamed. On the contrary, this should be a source of pride. The true misfortune would be too richly blessed and lose any ambition to succeed, becoming a spiritless young man with an old man's heart.

IT is vital to strive towards the goals we have set ourselves, whether anyone praises us or knows about our efforts or not. Buddhism teaches the principle of "invisible observance". In other words, when we live in this way, the Buddhas and bodhisattvas throughout the universe "observe" all our actions and work to protect us.

ONLY by polishing yourself through repeated difficulties can you build a self that sparkles as brightly as a gem. Once you have developed such a system of life, nothing will faze you.

IT is not up to others; it all comes down to us. Our inner resolve and our actions have an influence more powerful than a book of a million words. Through taking action, we will also feel a sense of purpose and savour joy and good fortune.

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