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6th October

NICHIREN DAISHONIN said: “The realm of the environment also arises from this single law of life.” (Gosho Zenshu, p 563) As the principle of “three thousand realms in a single life moment” (ichinen sanzen) teaches, the power to transform society lies in the fundamental attitude or inner resolve of human beings.

OUR gongyo and daimoku should not be too fast nor too slow. It should also not be too loud or too soft, and it should have a good, vigourous rhythm. The speed of gongyo also often depends on such things as a person’s age or the time and place. So do not worry too much about speed. Just do gongyo in the way that seems most natural and comfortable to you. One of my seniors said we should do gongyo with the rhythm of a galloping horse.

DAILY life and living are themselves a battle. Do you win or do you lose? The outcome is not always determined by how much experience or ability you may have. What is most important is to decide that you will win, and then pray sincerely with all your might, bringing forth great wisdom and making every effort to accomplish your goal.

IT is vital that you find your own path, your own mission and your own ideals to which to dedicate your entire being. This is what it means to be young and to live without a single cause for regret. I cannot emphasise strongly enough just how important it is to live your youth to the fullest, since it only comes but once.

IN any endeavour, pioneers are subject to criticism. They will prove the value of their efforts as they withstand such criticism. Therefore, you should not become the kind of people who can be defeated by small obstacles or difficulties. You should never be so foolish as to backslide in your faith, complain or begin to criticise our movement when you meet a severe problem.

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