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20th March

WITHOUT the pressure of air against its wings, an aeroplane cannot fly. In a similar sense, unless we experience hardship and suffering in life, we cannot feel any real joy. Though we will definitely meet difficulty and resistance in life when we live for the sake of kosen-rufu, our lives will shine brilliantly in the eyes of people around us, even though we, ourselves may not be aware of it.

PEOPLE with a purpose do not waste a moment of their lives, whatever age they may reach. Putting the hardships, studies and experiences of their youth to work for them, they bring their lives to completion with dignity. Their lives are fuller by several times than those people without purpose.

IF one's heart is true and unclouded, that in itself is happiness; one is filled with a sense of hope and develops the hardy fortitude of optimists. The door to happiness will open widely before those who possess the unflagging spirit to never give up or despair no matter what happens, to those with a heart that is always bright and cheerful.

IT is short-sighted to simply throw in the towel the moment you encounter the slightest obstacle or block. People who are truly motivated by the spirit to contribute to the well-being of others and to humanity never give up in their endeavours. In contrast, those who are motivated by vanity or by a shallow desire for fame or fortune are easily disheartened.

BUDDHISM concerns itself with winning. And it is crucial that we triumph. We must triumph over ourselves and triumph in life. That is the reason we practise Nichiren Buddhism.

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