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21st March

SOCIETY as a whole today seems shrouded in gloom. It is as if we have entered a dark tunnel. That is precisely why it is so important for us to energetically send the philosophy of hope, the voice of encouragement, the power of guidance to all around us. Those who can continue to do this are true leaders, and their lives emanate with the virtues of the Buddha who is dedicated to leading others to happiness.

IN any endeavour, the final stages of completion, the finishing touches, are important. The final outcome of our lives is also determined by how we live our final chapter, how we bring our life to completion. The teachings of Buddhism, which provide essential answers to the nature of life and death, are indispensable to this pursuit.

TO be victorious, one needs both wisdom and earnestness. If one is earnest but lacks wisdom, then one cannot win. Nor can one win if one has wisdom but is not serious on one's efforts.

SOMETIMES it may be important for a person to strike a dashing pose and wave the banner before his/her fellow members. But more important is to fight on the front lines, being willing to endure all sacrifices to protect others. The true hero is often not al all dashing, but a very humble, unassuming figure.

AS long as we maintain strong faith in the Gohonzon, we can always act with fresh vitality and overcome every difficulty as we gain a new outlook in life. We should remember that the prime point of faith is to live our entire lives with the deep conviction that no deadlock is impossible to surmount.

NOTE: Visit for Nichiren Daishonin's gosho, The Essentials for Attaining Buddhahood.