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5th March

IN any realm of activity, one cannot become a person of the highest calibre without overcoming some kind of life-or-death struggle. And this is all the more true when it comes to the strict path of mentor and disciple in Buddhism.

IF you continue to make steadfast efforts, then, just like fruit ripening on a tree, good fortune and benefit will adorn your life. To be impatient and try to pick the fruit before it is ripe is foolish. Youth is the training ground for forging character, for developing into a wonderful human being.

THE important thing about chanting daimoku is that it leaves you feeling refreshed and satisfied. By continuing to find such satisfaction in your practice each day, you will naturally come to develop a life in which, as the sutra stated, "All desires are fulfilled."

TO reform, to contribute, what do you need? You need to develop your character until you have built it into a fine thing. The ultimate 'weapon' in life is not a clever tongue or wealth. It is not fame or power. It is what is left when all empty artifice has been stripped away: your character as an individual.

THE offence of those who disobey the teachings of true Buddhism while embracing faith is far greater even than the offence of those who slander the True Law from the outset.

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