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6th March

THE problems that occur in real life cannot be overcome with a careless or negligent attitude. We cannot ignore details and still win in the struggles of real life. We should have a far reaching vision for the future.

THE universe consists of 10 states of life, from the state of Buddhahood to the state of Hell. Our existence also contains 10 states of life. Depending upon a person’s thoughts or spiritual state, he/she may at certain times be linked to 'Shakyamuni', the state of Buddhahood, and wields a part of Shakyamuni's powers. On the other hand, at other times he/she may be linked to the three evil paths and, without realising it, performs the deeds of the servants of evil.

IRRESPECTIVE of whether your prayers are answered straightaway or not, it is important that you continue to chant daimoku through to the end, without the slightest doubt. Those who maintain such faith will eventually attain the supreme path and the highest peak, and savour the conviction that the outcome was the very best possible, and also of the greatest value for their lives. They will enjoy a life of complete fulfilment, able to regard everything as a source of joy and a part of their mission. Such are the workings of the Mystic Law and the power of faith.

THROUGH our faith in the Mystic Law, we can live with true joy, savouring a sense of profound fulfilment in the depths of our being. Based on the Buddhist principle that earthly desires lead to enlightenment, we can transform all problems and hardships into a source of joy. What an incomparable life we lead!

SOME lives are little more than the accumulation of years. Some people are young in age but old at heart. In contrast, there are people who are old in years but filled with a youthful spirit. Let us joyously and energetically write another golden age in the annals of kosen-rufu.

NOTE: Visit for Nichiren Daishonin's gosho, The Essentials for Attaining Buddhahood.