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23rd February

MYOHO is a great law or principle that possesses absolute power. One who lacks power cannot be truly happy, or save others from suffering. Only through faith can one obtain this absolute power of Myoho. Therefore, you should carry out faith with hope and courage, never regressing even for a moment.

THOROUGH preparation - the kind which allows one to be ready to respond to any contingency - comes from strong sense of responsibility. Those who think that things will somehow work out of their own accord have already been defeated.

A person who says, "I'll do it", who is willing to take on a challenge even if he or she is the only one, is a true winner. The determination, the commitment to take action yourself is the force that leads to victory. As Buddhism teaches with the principle of three thousand realms in a single life-moment, our mind of attitude can change everything.

IN any realm of society, following a new path towards reformation is fraught with untold hardships and bitterness. However, so long as there is a great leader, the people will continue onward. Even when deadlocked, such a leader believes in the unlimited potential of human life and instils hope and courage in those he/she leads.

THE SGI and only the SGI is spreading the Buddhism of Nichiren Daishonin widely throughout the world, just as the sutra stated, and striving to create lasting peace and the values of happiness. Our mission is to firmly establish the ideals of humanism in society and to free humanity and the world from the chains of suffering. I hope you will all be proud that you are carrying out this wonderful, noble work of the Buddha.

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