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24th February

THOSE who firmly establish their own characters, qualities and inner spiritual domain, no matter what happens, will possess the fundamental strength and capacity to change everything into a source of value. Such people are truly happy.

BUDDHISM is the highest principle of reason. It is based on the reason that we are promoting all of our activities in society. In this way, Buddhism can be made to pulse in society. This is the basis for the SGI movement.

PUT an end to onshitsu. It is your enemy and stand in the way of benefit. Let’s enable everyone to fulfil all their desires with fresh, honest faith linked directly to the Dai-Gohonzon.

WHETHER in life, day to day existence or the movement for kosen-rufu, solid unshakeable victory is not achieved overnight. While receiving conspicuous benefit is wonderful, you cannot expect it to happen all the time. It is like winning the lottery. Just because you win it once does not mean you will win it every time. Far more important is inconspicuous benefit.

LET us live long lives and make our way to the top of this mountain with joy, hope and strong commitment, with the goal of completing the foundations for kosen-rufu. Though some may pass away in the course of our journey, they will attain Buddhahood and quickly be reborn; since life and death are indivisible, they will continue to work for kosen-rufu as our fellow members in faith forever.

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