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2nd March

THE daimoku that we chant is the heart and essence of the Lotus Sutra. Fundamentally, it is the very spirit of Nichiren Daishonin. Accordingly, though we may not entirely grasp its profound meaning, when we chant daimoku with faith in the Gohonzon, we come into contact with the Daishonin's spirit; we become able to manifest Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, the life of the original Buddha.

EACH of us is as unique as a cherry, plum, peach or apricot blossom, like Nichiren Daishonin stated in the Gosho. Cherry blossoms are cherry blossoms and plum blossoms are plum blossoms. Accordingly, you must bloom in the way that only you can, Without doubt, you possess your own jewel, your own innate talent inside of you.

MERCY and wisdom are two sides of the same coin. To be thoughtful of a friend is to be always filled with thoughts of what you can do for him/her, what that person needs or what is in his/her best interest. Leaders of kosen-rufu must always be filled with new, sensitive thoughts, never forgetting the circumstances of friends.

PLEASE remember to respect and treasure your fellow members. I hope that our Youth Division members in particular, no matter what their positions are in the organisation, will treat all their elders as if they were their parents.

FAITH equals practice. Therefore, it is faith expressed through action that is in accord with the Buddha's will. The actions one takes in carrying out Gakkai activities are the true Buddhist practice and will lead to the flowering of great benefit.

NOTE: NEW! Visit for Nichiren Daishonin's gosho, The Essentials for Attaining Buddhahood.