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3rd March

THE teachings of Buddhism enable us to view things based on the three existences of life - past, present and future - and to advance cheerfully along the valuable and noble path of peace, happiness and triumph. Let us not complain about petty things. We cannot let ourselves be discouraged by a little hardship. And we must never abandon our faith. To do so would be an act of cowardice and betrayal.

WHEN your determination changes, everything else will begin to move in the direction you desire. The moment you resolve to be victorious, every nerve and fibre in your being will immediately orient itself towards your success. On the other hand, if you think, "This is never going to work out," then, at that instant, every cell in your being will be deflated and give up the fight, and everything then really will move in the direction of failure.

HAPPINESS is not a matter of form, nor does it have anything to do with appearances. Outward appearance, status or wealth does not determine whether one is happy. The essence of happiness, rather, lies in what one feels in the inner recesses of one's heart, in what lives and reigns in the depths of one's being.

IT is an indisputable fact that we are working unsparingly to spread the Mystic Law in the world and extend the circle of happiness and joy to friend after friend. Regardless of what anyone might say, I proudly assert that our actions are those of the Buddha's emissaries and they accord with the will of Nichiren Daishonin.

WHAT is your goal today? Advance steadily in your practice with your targets clear in mind, and all your complaints and onshitsu will vanish.

NOTE: Visit for Nichiren Daishonin's gosho, The Essentials for Attaining Buddhahood.