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7th March

NO matter what happens, the important thing is to carry on with faith in the Mystic Law, the great Law that is as vast as the universe itself; to never leave the path of kosen-rufu; and to strive to fulfil your own great mission. For that is the only way you can achieve true happiness. Based on that foundation, please continue making effort after effort and breaking through your limitations as you live out your life on the unique stage of your mission.

PEOPLE in general tend to lack will-power. To take the path of least resistance is human nature. Outstanding individuals did not become great overnight. They discipline themselves to overcome their weaknesses, conquering apathy and inertia to become true victors in life.

BUDDHISM does not exist apart from the realm of daily life. Nor does happiness. True happiness lies within the ordinary and immediate affairs of daily life. And it is Buddhism that enables us to make the flowers of happiness bloom within this daily reality of our lives. This is what "Soka" (value creation) is all about.

WHEN you accept with convictions what Nichiren Daishonin said in his writings exactly as he said it, your spiritual state will be greatly expanded. You will rejoice; you will be confident; you will feel gratitude. In addition, your sense of purpose will grow into the power to create a supreme life for yourself. This is the greatness of Buddhism.

IT is not always wise to continually advance in a battle. At certain times, you may have to retreat. What is important is to continue to do your best, even though at times you may have to take a step back.

NOTE: Visit for Nichiren Daishonin's gosho, The Essentials for Attaining Buddhahood.