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10th July

A great general who has won numerous battles may eventually be defeated unless he develops his conviction and philosophy through participation in each battle, thereby training his spirit.

IN making a phone call, if you mis-dial just one number, your call will not go through as desired. If even a single wire is misplaced in a sophisticated machine, it will fail to operate. How much more true is this in our practice of Buddhism. Unless a person embraces the correct Law, maintain correct faith, carries out a correct practice, he will eventually lead many astray. This is an extremely serious offence, and those who follow such a leader are to be pitied.

PEOPLE who devote themselves to kosen-rufu have busy lives. They may encounter greater hardships and work harder than others. But they live a life that is ten times, a hundred times more valuable than they can even imagine.

WE must build a society that has more than its short-term profits as a goal. To do that, the first step is to respect ourselves and to live with dignity, self-confidence and pride. Such a person can then treat others with respect.

THOSE whose lives are founded on an unshakeable philosophy will never be misled by the absurdity perpetrated by the powerful or swayed by superficial trends. We must therefore live out our lives with wisdom and strength, forever in accord with the laws of the universe.

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