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9th July

A truly wealthy person is one who possesses something eternal. Only the Mystic Law is eternal and unchanging; it is by faith alone that we make this treasure our own.

ALL people are equal. There are absolutely no discriminations of superior and inferior among human beings. Differences of positions in an organization are provisional and temporary. They are no more than an expedient means for enabling all members to practice joyfully and become truly happy.

OUR present life is short. But our lives themselves are everlasting. Through our struggles in this short present existence, we can accumulate eternal blessings and benefits. That is why we must not permit ourselves any regret in our struggles for the Law in this lifetime.

HOW can we develop a more generous and expansive state of life? By broadening our sphere of interpersonal relations and our circle of friends. It is vital, therefore, that we work hard to form really strong connections with others. We must maintain lose ties both with members and with the people in his or her community or workplace.

IN life, struggles and challenges lead to growth; they add zest to life. When we stop challenging ourselves, we stop growing. Stagnation sets in. Life feels empty and meaningless. Those who engage in activities for kosen-rufu are positive and filled with life.

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