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19th July

HAPPINESS is determined by our state of life and by the depth of the philosophy we live by. To be happy requires strength; weakness leads to unhappiness. I especially hope that the members of the Young Women Division will become women of indomitable spirit and inner strength.

WHILE in your teens, your scope of experience is still quite limited and you may not yet have found which area your talent will be best suited to. It is easy to fall into the trap thinking that nothing could be more desirable than love. But there is more to life than love. Particularly in the case of women, I feel, real happiness is determined after they enter their forties and onwards.

IN order to develop our wisdom, it is vital that you summon forth strong faith. Even though sometimes the results of prayers based on strong faith may not be immediately apparent, as time goes by they will definitely bring forth a rhythm of victory. Infinite wisdom opens the path to infinite victory – this is the essence of faith.

NICHIREN DAISHONIN taught the principle that “embracing the Gohonzon is in itself enlightenment”. Thus, by believing in and embracing the Gohonzon, which embodies the state of Buddhahood and the mutual possession of the Ten Worlds, one can observe, and manifest, the world of Buddhahood existing in his own life.

ARROGANCE is fearful. Human beings are often brought to ruin by pride and impatience. They are self-complacent and unable to win the trust of those around them.

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