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20th July

THE trust, respect and appreciation that bind fellow members together serve to amplify the spiritual strength of each individual. Unity is strength. In our movement for kosen-rufu, advancing in the unity of “many in body, one in mind” is key.

THE purpose of our lives, to the very last moment, is to achieve something of value. There is no life more noble than that of individuals who dedicate themselves to something they believed in and strive for it wholeheartedly, individuals who give their lives selflessly to their beliefs.

AN absence of suffering does not equal happiness. Happiness depends on developing the state of mind where one is able to transform all sufferings into joy. This rigourous struggle in turn gives rise to immense satisfaction and value.

YOU who have embraced this great Law are millionaires rich in life force and who possess good fortune surpassing the wealth of even the world’s richest people. Material possessions cannot be enjoyed after death. But, “millionaires rich in life force” are able to freely make use of the treasures of the universe in lifetime after lifetime and enjoy a journey of eternal happiness. That is what constitutes proof of victory in life.

PEOPLE have different missions to fulfill and different places where they must live to fulfill them. The person who decides to establish himself firmly in his community and who continues to advance with perseverance and hope while struggling with reality will be a victor in life. Through faith, you can transform the land where you live into a land of victory and happiness.

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