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21st July

UNLESS one’s faith is pure to the core, he will not be able to cultivate the strong life-force needed to battle with unrelenting devilish functions. This is the most important and crucial point for your development. Please remember it always.

NICHIREN DAISHONIN’S Buddhism teaches that our existence is identical to the universe as a whole, and the universe as a whole is identical to our existence. Each individual human life is a microcosm. The practice of gongyo is a grand and noble life to achieve the vital communication of the microcosm of each person’s existence with the universe, based on the Gohonzon.

THE greater the hardships one undergoes, the greater potential that exists for one to grow. The deeper one’s sufferings are, the more profound will be the joy one experiences when one triumphs over it. Difficulties lead to enlightenment, great obstacles lead to Buddhahood.

READING good books cultivates and nourishes one’s life. A good classic never grows old, it is always refreshing and new. Its message will be just as valid in the new century. Encountering such a work is truly a lifelong treasure.

THE 21st century will be a century of the universe and a century of life. It will also be a century of philosophy, in which the philosophy one upholds and practices will be brought sharply into focus. I hope that you, who embrace a great philosophy that encompasses all life and the universe, will never forget to be confident and proud that you are advancing at the forefront of this new century.

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