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23rd July

THE SGI exists widely to propagate the Buddhism of Nichiren Daishonin. In the course of this struggle, there will naturally be times when we are faced with extreme hardships and difficulties. The Daishonin was fiercely attacked by people throughout Japan. Nevertheless, he dauntless took action to open a great and eternal path of hope for all humankind. We are carrying on the Daishonin’s great legacy.

COWARDICE is harmful, for it delights the enemies of Buddhism and obstructs the advance of kosen-rufu. The fainthearted cannot savour the true benefit of faith; their ability to tap the power of the Buddha and the power of the Law (of the Gohonzon) in their lives is enfeebled.

TO treasure the children of the Buddha who are devoted to kosen-rufu is to treasure and strengthen one’s own Buddhahood. The more one praises those who are diligently exerting themselves, the more good fortune, the more momentum, is added to one’s own life and to the organization.

IF we do not practice gongyo, the rhythm in our lives will be thrown off kilter, just as a machine that is not oiled will rust. Gongyo and chanting daimoku are like starting the automobile engine every day and driving in the direction of happiness and truth. By doing so day after day, you will gradually attain perfect unity with the universe and the Law. That state is the state of Buddha.

FAITH itself is invisible. However, faith is bound to manifest in a tangible form as words and deeds, thereby greatly affecting the environment. At the same time, no matter what circumstances you face, you either win or lose. As a Buddhist, you must win each struggle in which you are engaged. And faith in the Gohonzon enables you to do so.

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