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24th July

WHAT is the key to realizing victory in an age of great upheaval and tumultuous change? It is for leaders to move, to stand in the forefront and to take initiative. I hope that you will make steady efforts to meet with many people and create allies. Keeping yourself informed, please take full responsibility and always be the first to act.

THE spirit of the Bodhisattvas of the Earth is found in the faith to dedicate oneself whole-heartedly to kosen-rufu. If people lose this spirit, then no matter how splendid their appearances are, their hearts will be tainted by worldly affairs and concerns.

THE struggle to cut the roots of evil is actually a struggle to sever the roots of evil and unhappiness that exist within our own lives. If we compromise with evil, leaving some roots behind, it will eventually flourish and grow again. Roots of unhappiness will also remain in our own lives and we will suffer.

TO attain Buddhahood in this life, the Daishonin warned us with firm concern that we must never retreat in our practice. Even though we may experience a period of sadness or depression, the principle that earthly desires are enlightenment teaches us that great sufferings are bound to be transformed into equally great joy, progress and value. There is nothing to fear, since the Gohonzon possesses the infinite power of the Law and the Buddha.

TIME is given to everyone. Therefore, being able to build a life of glory, victory and happiness depends on whether you spend your time meaningfully and free of regret.

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