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3rd July

WHEN we steadfastly dedicate ourselves to the path of mentor and disciple, we can boundlessly manifest the wisdom and power that is inherent in our life. In this world, nothing is stronger than the united struggle of mentor and disciple. Nothing is more joyful.

FAITH is not a matter of appearances. Nor does it have anything to do with position in the organization. It depends entirely on a person’s “fighting spirit”. Those who burn with a “fighting spirit” are true SGI members and disciples of President Makiguchi and President Toda.

WE cannot savour the true beneficial power of the Mystic Law if we lack courage. Courage gives rise to wisdom. Compassion and concern for others are also born of courage. Victory is achieved through courageous actions. Thos who possess courage are blessed with glory.

NOW, all of us have this same seed of the Mystic Law implanted in our lives. How we exert the power of the Buddha and the Law inherent in the Gohonzon, we will definitely be able to show proof of having attained Buddhahood on this lifetime. This is a promise made by the original Buddha and absolutely never fails to materialize.

BUDDHISM teaches the present decides the future; therefore, without clinging to past achievements, live your lives with freshness, keeping your eyes on the future. Never forget that a lively and joyful life depends on this kind of attitude.

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