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4th July

NO one has become great without a struggle. All of life is a struggle. Only those who have faced and triumphed over adversity possess genuine greatness; without this struggle, no matter how famous or celebrated one may be, any claim to greatness is merely an empty fa├žade.

IN Buddhism, we either win or lose – there is no middle ground. Now and in the future, let us advance, determine to win in every sphere of our lives. By winning in our lives, we are advancing kosen-rufu; and by advancing kosen-rufu, we win in our lives.

THE important thing is to challenge what lies before you with a lively and vigourous spirit. Those who advance energetically accumulate good fortune. Buddhism is concerned with victory in an ongoing struggle. Those who fight with a buoyant and animated spirit are ultimately victorious. Those who base their lives on faith and on chanting daimoku will definitely triumph in the end.

ALL of us are ordinary human beings. When these ordinary people embrace the Gohonzon completely, they are able to enjoy their lives from moment to moment just as they are, savouring an inexhaustible joy of Buddhahood. Therefore, in the eyes of Buddhism, all of you fellow members who are dedicated to the cause of kosen-rufu are indescribably precious.

YOU must not become so exclusively preoccupied with “faith, faith” or “kosen-rufu, kosen-rufu” that you make things rigid. Some space or flexibility is necessary in any way of life. It is important to consider everything wisely, always maintaining a margin of flexibility.

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