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5th July

SOMEONE who is concerned only with maintaining his status will be unable to grow and develop. On the other hand, for a person who is striving for the sake of the Law and for the happiness of others, his difficult efforts will become the source of tremendous growth.

IN the world of faith or kosen-rufu, it is sincerity that is of prime importance. It is not schemes, order or commanding words but sincerity that moves people. One’s sincere prayers for kosen-rufu reach the Gohonzon on a profound level, thereby activating the protective functions of the Buddhist gods. In the long-range view, a sincere and honest person is always a victor. No matter how circumstances may change, no one can take away the truth in others’ hearts.

FAITH is not a matter of how you appear to others but how you behave and what you actually do. In the long terms, our invisible determinations and unseen actions will definitely manifest as visible results. As time passes, a person’s true nature naturally comes to be revealed. An honest person always enjoys ultimate victory.

THE purpose of Buddhist practice is to establish an eternally indestructible state of life; not a fleeting happiness that perishes like a flower, but an internal palace of happiness that will last throughout all time. This diamond palace, this treasure tower soaring to magnificent heights, is built through faith.

FORGE a solid self and develop within you the power to attract happiness to your life. Then you yourself will be happy and fulfilled, and you will be able to lead your family, your relatives and your friends to happiness too.

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